Black Mirror season 3

3x02: Playtest

Imagen para el episodio 3x2: Playtest

This episode focus on a young man's life searching for new and exciting experiences. He's a backpacker and the action being when this man runs out of money. When it would seem that there is no way out, an offer to participate in an experiment related with video games might improve his situation

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3x03: Shut Up and Dance

Imagen para el episodio 3x3: Shut Up and Dance

The episode focus on a young man's life that has a small problem, apparently: his laptop is infected with a virus. However, the thing is the worm will start giving orders with text messages to the kid. What is he going to do? If he doesn't pay attention to the demands, his full private life will be brought to light

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3x04: San Junipero

Imagen para el episodio 3x4: San Junipero

The fourth episode of Black Mirror's season 3 it's titled San Junipero and focus on Yorkie and Kelly, two young girls visiting the city with the same name of the episode. What these ladies don't know is their lifes are going to be changed forever

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3x05: Men Against Fire

Imagen para el episodio 3x5: Men Against Fire

The story developes around Stripe's life, a young solider that must face a massive virus that turns people into roaches. However, the key concept of the episode is empathy and human values, as this kind of principles and emotions work against the army goals

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