3x6: Hated in the Nation

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The season's last episode tells the story of two detectives finding new leads on a murder case. The victim is a reporter and a social media scandal might turn things into something really messy


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And here we're with the season 3 finale of Black Mirror. The episode is titled Hated in the Nation and along with Nosedive, we think it's one of the best of the whole series.

We're on Earth, a few years ahead, and with total extinction of bees. Therefore, as these insects are the ones responsible for cross-pollinization, a robotic version of bees is created and thousands of these devices fly through the whole country. The conflict begins with in the social networks the hashtag #DeathOf ends with the life of a real human being. How this could happen?

The bee system is controlled by a company contracted by the government. However, as every software has its potential vulnerabilities, a hacker manages to intrude into the system and get full control of the devices. His targets are based on the popularity of the hashtag and therefore the most voted is the one who dies. The interesting turn of the episode is that in the end the target of the bees change to users who used that hashtag. Could you begin to imagine the dimension of this? You better watch it because it's totally worth it.

Some interesting facts: did you know this is the longest episode of Black Mirror? It's length is almost 1 hour and a half (89 minutes). On the other hand, Kelly Macdonald is the brillant actress playing the role of Karin Parke and she also starred the well know film Trainspotting (1996).

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