3x5: Men Against Fire

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The story developes around Stripe's life, a young solider that must face a massive virus that turns people into roaches. However, the key concept of the episode is empathy and human values, as this kind of principles and emotions work against the army goals


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Hey! We have some great news: this episode is really good! The whole season disappointed us in some way, but Men Against Fire (along with Nosedive) is the exception to the rule.

The story occurs on a future scenario where soldiers must fight against a plague, a series of infected humans known as the roaches. The main character, Stripe, kills 2 infected people on his first raid. However, when he's taking care of the second one, a high-frequency sound disturbs him and makes him feel bad and have headaches every now and then.

It's important to mention that every soldier has a Mass implant on his head, a device that is in the middle of reality and the carrier. It's used with military purposes and it seems to be very effective. When he's on his second raid, Stripe's implant stops working: he can smell the grass and feel the things. After some tragic events, Stripe reflects and realizes there is no such thing as roaches, there are just humans the implant made look terrifying so it would be easier to kill them.

Interesting fact: Does the face of the psychologist look similar to you? He's Michael Kelly, the same great actor that plays the role of Doug Stamper in the amazing series House of Cards

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