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The fourth episode of Black Mirror's season 3 it's titled San Junipero and focus on Yorkie and Kelly, two young girls visiting the city with the same name of the episode. What these ladies don't know is their lifes are going to be changed forever


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Although we don't like season 3 of Black Mirror as much as we thought, we want to talk about San Junipero, the fourth episode of the year.

San Junipero is a city where young men and women can have fun without being judged and without no boundaries at all. The story focus on Kelly and Yorkie, two young and beautiful women that meet each other in a pub. While Kelly is a relaxed and confident girl, Yorkie faces some issues that keep her away from having fun.

A couple of minutes later, Yorkie looks for Kelly with no success and a man tells her she should try in another era, like the '90s or the 2000's. You didn't get it? San Junipero is a limbo you access with just your mind connecting from the real world. Humans are allowed to have an eternal life in this city. When the episode ends, we see a massive datacenter containing a chip from every person in SJ. What do you think?

Historical fact: Did you know Junipero was a franciscan priest for the Catholic Church? He lived from 1713 to 1784 in Mallorca, Spain and California and put his life into creating new missions (franciscan churchs) in California.

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