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The episode focus on a young man's life that has a small problem, apparently: his laptop is infected with a virus. However, the thing is the worm will start giving orders with text messages to the kid. What is he going to do? If he doesn't pay attention to the demands, his full private life will be brought to light


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Although we think this wasn't a good episode, we'd like to discuss some things about Shut Up and Dance, the third episode of this season.

Kenny, a teenager living with his sister and mother, has a job in a restaurant. When he returns to home after work he finds out her sister took his laptop and downloaded a program. After having an intimate moment with himself, Kenny receives a mysterious email with a video recorded with his laptop camera containing images from him masturbating. Instructions are clear: he follow orders or the video is going to be leaked.

As the episode moves forward, fear grows in Kenny and a new man being extorted shows up receiving instructions too to join Kenny's mission. After robbing a bank, both of them leave and in the end Kenny must do something terrible to survive. Do hackers keep their end of the deal? Not at all: they leak every material they promised not to.

Some interesting facts: this is the first episode of the season that's not about augmented reality and it focus on how fear and shame can dominate people. On the other hand, did you know that Jereme Flynn, the actor playing the man who hires a hooker (Mindy) also works on Game of Thrones?

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