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This episode focus on a young man's life searching for new and exciting experiences. He's a backpacker and the action being when this man runs out of money. When it would seem that there is no way out, an offer to participate in an experiment related with video games might improve his situation


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This time we're here to talk about Playtest, the second episode of this great series season. The story focus on Cooper, a young man from the United States that decides to go on a long journey far from home.

After the death of his father to the Alzheimer disease, Cooper leaves her house and her mother to start a backpacker travelling adventure. When he's reaching the end of his vacations, the man meets a woman named Sonja and runs out of money. What can he do to win some money? A company dedicated to video games industry is recruiting to subjects to do a playtest on a augmented reality game.

Althugh Cooper is warned, the video game looks pretty much real. The young man is isolated in a horror house (one the company used to develop one of their scariest games) and despite what the developers told them, he can feel pain and think it's really happening. At the end of the episode we run into an unexpected turn in the story, one of Black Mirror's clichés

Interesting facts: did you notice which book was Cooper reading back in the horror house? It's The Raven, a story written by the great Edgar Allan Poe. On the other hand, Black Mirror keeps coming up with augmented reality related storys. The big question is: how deep can technology be between the human and their enviroment?

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