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Nosedive starts with the story of a young girl addicted to social media. A friend from her childhood is getting married and the girl is going to do everything possible to attend the wedding


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Hey everybody! We're here to discuss about what we liked the most about Nosedive, the first episode of Black Mirror's season 3.

Let's talk about some general aspects: we're in the future, everyone owns their own cellphone and everybody wears contact lens that work with a device connected to a social media. Real life and social media life are almost the same and every human being has a rating. For instance, if you want to rent a nice house in an exclusive neighborhood you must have at least 4 points out of 5.

In the story, Lacie is a singlle woman living with her brother and working at the office. Her life is based on social media and her entire behavior is aimed to increase her rating. A friend from childhood is getting married and this is the perfect ocasion get 4.5 rating and finally get the place she desires so much. Nosedive shows us how far down can a woman like Lucie go.

Interesting facts: Lucie's character is played by the actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who is currently 35. The idea of a contact lens connected with a device isn't something new in Black Mirror. The idea had its moment on episode The Entire History of You, where anyone could replay anything the saw on the past

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