2x4: White Christmas

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Three interwoven stories, in a frenzy future. Potter and Matt share a christmas meal in a snowy scenery. Matt offers romantic guidance to a young man. What would happen if you could "block" people in real life?


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White Christmas it's a special episode from Black Mirror and it was released a couple of days before Christmas. The story begins with two men isolated on a shelter, apparently working and surrounded by complete snow. After 5 years being there, one of them decides to talk.

Matthew works at Smartelligence, a company that offers a service consisting of cloning the mind of the client and using it as a digital device. Therefore, the human being has a virtual version of itself that has its own life inside the virtual world. The process is simple: they implant a cookie (a tiny device that saves information) in your body, the device gathers information and then it's extracted. As you might imagine, this could be used with several purposes.

The key dilemma of the episode is what you can do with a service like this one. For instance, it has a great use when controlling a smart house, just imagine the program that takes care of things at your place is exactly like you. However, is it that simple? The cookie also has feelings and thoughts, as it's the exact copy of a human being.

Interesting facts: this the first special episode in the series and the story is based on a previous episode's idea called The Entire History You. People living that reality could replay anything they've seen in the past. On the other hand, White Christmas was written by Charlie Brooker, the series creator

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