2x3: The Waldo Moment

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Waldo is an animated public character that interviews politicians and popular figures. However, Jamie, the man behind Waldo, is sad and unsatisfied with his life.


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Black Mirror's season 2 ends with The Waldo Moment, an episode focused on Jamie Salter's life, a frustrated comedian that plays an anmited cartoon for a living.

Waldo is an action figure that says what everyone think about politicians. He confronts them, takes value to their words and always wins an argument. With an upcoming series featuring Waldo as the prime star, the producer, a man named Jack Napier, suggests the idea of Waldo running for elections. Altought he shows himself dubious at the beginning, Jamie finally accepts the idea.

After a successful debate featuring Waldo, Monroe and Gwendolyn (the three running candidates), Waldo's image improves on the population and Jamie starts feeling bad about what he's doing. After quitting his job and trying to destroy a screen with Waldo's image, people attack Jamie and he ends up in a hospital. You can watch the episode final by yourself.

Interesting facts: despite this was the least watched episode on the season, we think it's really good as it would be much more probable to see a story like Waldo's in real life than any of the other stories told in the show. On the other hand, Daniel Rigby is the british actor that plays Jamie Salter.

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