2x2: White Bear

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Dazed and confused, Victoria wakes up in a room. She can not recall her past, but the curious thing is that nobody speaks to her: everybody take photos of her with their cellphones.


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

White Bear is one of the most disturbing episodes in the whole series. Black Mirror has surprised us several times, but this story is clearly different from the others as it reaches an intense point of violence.

A woman named Victoria wakes up alone in her bedroom with no memories at all. After deducing she's married and with one children she leaves the house. Outside there is a crowd recording each one of her movements and they do not respond to Victoria's questions. Suddenly, a masked man starts chasing Victoria and tries to kill her with a fire weapon.

Victoria finds some allies on her way, but no one of them is able to really help her. The mysterious man finally kidnapps her and takes her to a telecommunications center. When Victoria manages to get a gun and open fire, a wall falls and a large audience starts applauding: she was part of a reality show the whole time. However, the end is the most terrifying part of the story.

Interesting facts: the episode had a very good critical reception although the acting and the script were not considered good enough. On the other hand, Victoria's role is played by Lenora Crichlow

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