2x1: Be Right Back

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Martha and Ash are a happy couple, but something bad is gonna happen to them. We do not want to spoil you... this is a brillant episode.


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Black Mirror's second season begins with the episode titled Be Right Back. Here we'd like to discuss and talk about the episode and its content.

Martha and Ash are in a relationship and they move to the countryside to have a calm a happy life. Suddenly, Ash is involved in a car crash and dies. One of Martha's friends, Sarah, tells her friend there is an online service that allows users to talk with their beloved deceased people by creating a virtual profile (with even a voice) based on social media behavior and internet information.

In the beginning, Martha rejects the idea but her grief proves stronger than herself. After trying the service, Martha decides to move beyond and buys a fake body able to personify the already created identity. Things move forward and Martha realizes she's pregnant. We won't tell you the end, we hope you really enjoy it as much as we did.

Interesting facts: with a total of 2.01 million viewers in the US, Be Right Back was the most watched episode from season 2. On the other hand, Hayley Atwell has a great performance by playing Martha's character.

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