1x3: The Entire History of You

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In this reality, people have an implanted chip behind their ear, which allows them to watch any past event from their lives. How will it interfere in a relationship?


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

The Entire History of You is the third and last episode of Black Mirror season 1. The story occurs in a world where each human being has a micro-chip inside their body (next to an ear) that records everything the subject saw and did.

The action begins with Liam Foxwell, a man married to a woman named Ffion. After having a bad job interview, Liam returns home and has dinner with his wife and a couple of friends, including a suspicious man named Jonas. After confronting his wife, Liam finds out his wife has been cheating on him.

As the episode moves forward, the truth is revealed: the treason finds its beginning more than one year ago, by the time Liam and Ffion had their daughter. Liam is not the biological father and anger grows inside him. After leaving her wife, the episode ends with Liam cutting his skin and removing the micro-chip from his body.

Interesting facts: did you know that this was the least viewed episode on the show? On the other hand, Liam Foxwell's character is played by the british actor Toby Kebbell

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