1x2: Fifteen Million Merits

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In this future world, people cycle on exercise bikes in order to survive. But one of the community members will show a sparkle of love in this inhumane era


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Fifteen Million Merits is the second episode of Black Mirror's season 1. In general terms, a world with people riding a static bike all-day long to win merits is presented. What are merits? Well, it's some kind of virtual coin.

What can you do with merits? You can buy food, rent a movie or skip all the ads showing in every screen you see. But the most important, with 15 million merits you can go to Hot Shots, a tv show dedicated to discover talented people. The story's main character, Bingham Madsen, has a crush on Abi, a friend from his workplace. What will Bing do? He just gets the 15 million merits and gives Abi the possibility to sing live in the show.

However, things doesn't work as expected. The jury of the show tells Abi she's just a good singer and instead they offer her to work making nude films. After being drugged, Abi accepts the new job. About the end... you better watch it ;)

interesting fact: Fifteen Million Merits had 1.52 million viewers in the US, facing a severe descent from episode 1 (2.07 millions).

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